Cox's River Rest


Cox’s River Rest is set on 2000 acres in the Megalong Valley. The property is a uniquely Australian mix of grazing paddocks and untamed bushland. Across the property we have 3 residences, 90 horses, 100 cows (give or take), a lovely community of kangaroos, wombats, echidnas and platypus, a host of fruit trees, a wonderful vegie garden and 1 very old and enormous apple tree. We are also lucky enough to have some magical picnic spots, watering holes and breathtaking vistas.


We are experimental farmers, passionate about sustainable farming practices. At every turn we use natural methods of farming and grazing to reduce the impact on the environment, our animals and the natural flora and fauna. We use chook manure and compost to fertilize instead of supa. We muster on horseback to keep the cows quiet and settled (and because we love to ride!). Commercially we grow raspberries, boysenberries, lavender, rosemary and eating grapes. For our pleasure, we grow just about every other fruit and vegetable possible in cool climate regions. Our love and curiosity for farm life grows with every season – must be something in the Megalong air!


Established in 2015 was Megalong Icelandic Horses, an Icelandic horse stud. Icelandic horses are not broken in until well into their fourth year, and not used to breed from until their fifth year. They live longer and are used to breed from until much later than is normal for what we call 'big horses'. It is very common to breed from these horses until their mid twenties and for them to live and be ridden until they are thirty. Recently the oldest Icelandic horse in the world who lived in Denmark died at age 56! At the stud we breed, train and sell the horses that we hope families will enjoy as much as we do.